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Friday, 2 May 2014

Crash down!

Hey guys! It has been so long for me to blog about another chapter of my life...

So anyway, I recently had a huge car accident. Car met bus, BOOM!
Total loss for the car and yeah, did I mention it's a rental car? Yeah, it's a rental car.
How this happened? Well, shut up and try to listen my tragic story so does my stupidity!
When I said STUPIDITY, it always came along with a GUY.
I met this one guy and let just address him as Frank. So, Frank and I met at this dinner party.
We have been going out for a few date. But, since we will be apart for a long time, we thought why not we go to somewhere else. Maybe have a cozy overnight at the beach. What a random idea,huh?
So, we go for it! Everything was fine. Had a dinner, chilled out at the beach and shared some stories.
Everything seem so alright to me. I had fun being with him.
Felt happy maybe but the happiness doesn't stay so long for me.
Until the next morning. We was sleepy and tired. I offered myself to drive but guys, why do you
like to act-so-gentlemen even you eyes can't wide open?
I fallen asleep and last thing I know with my half caution, our car seem so close to the bus.
And there you had it, BANG!
It was chaos. I opened my eyes, he was BLEEDING besides me at the driver seat.
I broke my right hand, two fractions and my birthday gift really does came early this year, two metal plates!
He broke his left hand and his right leg. His condition are way worse than me. He got three fractions at his right leg. I cried a lot, not because of my pain. OK maybe yeah it hurts so badly but what keep coming to me is his face when the accident happened. His bleeding face was facing to me.
At the ER, I promised him that I'm will be there for him despite of my pain because of the broken hand.

Few days after the accident,
A lot of tense among my family because of my act of foolish.
My mum want me to make sure that my relationship are OVER between me and Frank.
But, I just can't leave him just like that. I made a promise with him and really don't want to break him.
So, my mum threatened me to call his mum to proof that what Frank and I have was not REAL!
Just like usual, challenge was ACCEPTED. I'm not gonna back down. I wanna see to where this heading to.
But, as usual I was totally WRONG. I bite my own tongue.
His mum said that Frank said I was just a FRIEND to him. I always go out at night with him and his friend for a drink.
That is totally wrong, Frank! I never go out with your friends especially at night, you bloody shit!
You such a fucking liar and don't even have BALL to stand up in front of your mum with truth coming
out from your bloody mouth!!

24th MARCH 2014 was a day I never gonna forget.
A day where I had my first car accident, a day where I loss my right hand ( broken ),
wrong place, wrong time, wrong guy. A day full of chaos!
But next time you drive a car,
PLEASE BUCKLE UP because seat belt saved my life and I'm sure it will saves you too.
And, don't easily believe and fall in love with people or you will ends up just like me, full with regrets.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Mr. Dark Rain

He's the one that said to me that he love me, 
He said that I make he laugh everyday..
He happy with me and won't leave me no matter what it cost...
But then everything changed in one night...
Why  oh why...?
When I need you the most, the silent you give me?
Why won't you answer me?
You leave me alone in this dark place?
Now, I dunno who I supposed to trust?
All that left now is a broken heart...
A broken heart that will take long time to recover...

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


 I saw him today, I followed him..
I dunno why I followed him but I felt happy for awhile..
On the evening, I said to him about our relationships was complicated
My feelings to him is complicated..
I think I just broke his heart...
I dunno what can I say to him... Sorry??
No.. How can words replace what I've done to him..

No Music No Life!

How many of you guys can live without music??
If you can live without music, thats mean you are CrAzY!
Or maybe you got musicalphobia..
Everybody love music.. Music always around us..
When you are in party, when you are sad dying,
even if you are going to prom, still there will be music..
How you gonna shake your body if there no music, right??
Hahaha.. Everyone needs music...


OMG!! Exam? 3 weeks?
So not ready... I'm toast...!
Panic attack for my 1st exam before recess today...
i'm so panic until I dunno what I wrote..
Tomorrow is English.. Hope I can do it..
But, maths?? I don;t think I can survive it same as history...

Sunday, 1 May 2011


"If you fly away tonight 
I want to tell you that I love you 
I hope that you can hear me 
I hope that you can feel me 
If you fly away tonight 
I want to tell you that I'm sorry 
That I never told you 
When we were face to face 
I could say to your face 
If it weren't for you 
That there would be no grace 
That's covered my life 
You took the time 
To speak into my mind 
And my heart 
Words of life.
So goodbye for now 
And I'll see you again 
Some way, somehow 
When it's your time 
To go to the other side 
I'll hold you again 
And melt at your smile 
Now all I have 
Are the ones that I'm with 
And you taught me not 
To take for granted 
The time that we have 
To show that we care 
Speak into their minds 
And their hearts 
While their here 
And say I love you.~"

Love Season...Someday

Being love......
Love someone.....

I want to love someone at a beautiful day.....

I also want to love someone at raining day....

In class.... When watching TV.... When eating...

In sleep and when I am awake, I also want to love someone....


The time has come!!


Want 2 Love Someone.....